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Juliette here! We havent posted in so long because of school and stuff, and I noticed we missed our one year anniversary for our blog! To celebrate i’ll post a couple times tonight and I’m going to try to post at least once a week until summer! 


Wednesday Feb 2 @ 06:32pm

So. Obviously this post two or three times a week thing, aint workin out. Lori and I have decided that we are taking the idea of one of our followers and choosing someone to become an admin of our blog!

So to “enter” our contest…

 You have to message the blog two ideas for posts.

Like Ride an elephant or somethin.

We will be choosing our favorite ideas THIS SATURDAY.

Good Luck Everyone!!!!

<3 Lori and Juliette

P.S. Make sure we havent already posted your ideas!

Wednesday Sep 9 @ 05:15pm

Anonymous said: Just an idea.. but why not get someone else to be able to come on and make post?

i’ll talk with juliette about it and maybe we’ll have a contest or something to be an admin :) thank you for suggesting. 


Wednesday Sep 9 @ 04:38pm

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